Photo Gallery

If you know any more details about these photos we would be very pleased to hear from you. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

  • 11 Swanfields, The Street

    11 Swanfields, The Street
  • All Saints Church

    All Saints Church
  • All Saints Church Choir

    All Saints Church Choir
  • Charlie Rayson

    Charlie Rayson
  • Coldham Hall Football Club

    Coldham Hall Football Club
  • Days Shop

    Days Shop
  • Ernie Hill

    Ernie Hill
  • Former Horse Hair Factory

    Former Horse Hair Factory
  • Girl Guides

    Girl Guides
  • Harvey Bakers Steam Engine

    Harvey Bakers Steam Engine
  • Hills Farm, Bury Road

    Hills Farm, Bury Road
  • Lawshall Hall Blacksmiths Forge

    Lawshall Hall Blacksmiths Forge